Polaris® K13 All-Purpose Zippered Bag is a replacement filtration bag for the Polaris® 280/TR28P Pressure Side Pool Cleaner.

  • All-purpose zippered filter bag
  • Works with the Polaris® 280/TR28P Vac Sweep and TankTrax


The Polaris® 280/TR28P All-Purpose Zippered Bag K13 features zipper containment for quick and easy cleaning. All-Purpose Bags are great for general use filtering between 100-120 microns and can be used for most types of debris. This reusable bag comes in white.

The All-Purpose Zippered Bag is specifically designed for the Zodiac Polaris 280/TR28P Vac-Sweep and TankTrax automatic pool cleaners.

Polaris® All-Purpose Zippered Bag for 180/280/TR28P, K13

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