Polaris® All Purpose Replacement Filter Bag 9-100-1014 for the Polaris® 360/380/380 BlackMax Pool Cleaners.

  • All Purpose Filter Bag
  • Works with the Polaris® 360/380/380 BlackMax Pool Cleaners
  • Note: Bag clips not included


The Polaris® 360/380 All Purpose Bag 9-100-1014 features velcro containment for easy cleaning. Use this replacement filter bag on the Polaris® 360 and Polaris® 380 in-ground pressure side pool cleaners to replace an all purpose bag. Even if your current bag is in great shape, keeping an extra on hand means you won't interrupt your cleaning schedule if your bag gets torn, or if you need to thoroughly wash a bag.

Polaris® All Purpose Filter Bag for 360/380, 9-100-1014

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