The J&J ColorSplash LXG Pool Light Bulb Replacement provides color-changing LED lighting, bringing intense colors to your swimming pool. Complete with an integrated cooling system, these lights have an enhanced lifespan and advanced processor for high speed performance and flawless color transitions. The ColorSplash LXG Replacement LED Light Bulb has a standard R40 threaded Edison base to go into the existing pool light fixture. The replacement LED Light Bulbs offer five different colors and seven light shows to give your pool a variety of aesthetic experience. J&J's ColorSplash LXG Replacement Pool Light features Parisian Blue, Brazilian Red, Miami Pink, Arctic White, and New Zealand Green colors. The seven light shows the ColorSpash LXG Pool Light Bulb Replacement features are Peruvian Paradise, Super Nova, Northern Lights, Tidal Wave, Patriot Dream, Desert Skies and Nova. Each light has a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. You can easily replace Hayward or Pentair Lights that feature Edison bases with the J&J ColorSplash Light. Use the J&J Color Splash LXG Replacement LED Color-Changing Pool Light in your swimming pool and bring some color and fun to your water. Note: Be sure to match the voltage of the light fixture for the replacement light bulb (12V or 120V) and replace the light gasket (LPL-G-P) for Pentair/American Amerlite and (SPX0580Z2) for Hayward AstroLite for proper installation.

ColorSplash LXG-W Multi-Color LED Pool Light

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