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Myths and Facts about Swimming Pool Cleaning

  • Myth: Pool cleaning services in Houston, TX, are very expensive.

  • Fact: Pool cleaning services in Houston, TX, are not only affordable, but even save you money in the long term. Keeping your swimming pool clean and running at its best will ensure that it remains energy efficient, prevents costly repairs, and often means a lot longer before you need to replace your equipment.

  • Myth: Cleaning your own pool is quick and easy.

  • Fact: Very few people have the time or energy to regularly clean their pool. When you do have time to spend on your pool, you’d much rather be swimming in it! Your time- especially the precious moments you get to relax with family and friends- is extremely valuable.

The Reality of Pool Cleaning Services


Your swimming pool is a valuable investment.

Protect it with proper maintenance.


Proper maintenance will ensure that it is a safe oasis and a source of rest, relaxation, entertainment, and fun for everyone!


Our Houston pool cleaning services may be the best investment you can make towards ensuring the longevity of your pool.


Regular pool maintenance is absolutely essential- for both cosmetic and health reasons. Sensitive equipment is jeopardized when your pool isn’t properly cared for, and this can result in costly repairs. Even something as simple as incorrectly balancing your pool’s chemicals can quickly cause equipment damage and wear on plaster and tile. At each visit, we test for chemical balances to ensure that everything is just as it should be.

More importantly, no one should swim in a pool containing harmful substances, bacteria, or debris. At CCP, we take this knowledge seriously. For your health and safety, our trained technicians know what to look for and how to respond to such dangerous scenarios.

Clean and Clear Pool Service will clean your pool the right way, every time.

Leave the maintenance to CCP, and we’ll leave the relaxation and fun in the sun up to you!

Our Routine Pool Cleaning Process

  • You’re always kept in the loop.

  • Our multi-point process is extremely thorough!


Each week, one of our friendly technicians will assess and clean your swimming pool. A progress report is then sent through email or left on your door so you are kept in the loop about all cleaning visits. Our weekly package of pool cleaning services is comprised of a multi-point swimming pool cleaning procedure. In fact, our swimming pool cleaning procedure is too thorough to list in detail; but includes the following important steps:


Our Multi-Point Swimming Pool Cleaning Procedure:

  • Skim the surface of the pool for leaves and debris.

  • Dump debris from skimmers.

  • Empty pump basket.

  • Brush the sides and steps of the pool/spa for algae.

  • Vacuum the bottom for sediment and debris. We use “Hammer Head” vacuums for optimal efficiency.

  • Test and correct the water chemistry.

  • Visual check of equipment for leaks or potential problems.

  • Backwash the filter and add DE as needed.

  • Monitor the pool’s water level and notify homeowner if water is needed.

  • Monitor the pressure of the filter. We will recommend a filter clean at least 2-4 times  a year for optimal performance. Cartridge Filter. $139.95 DE Filter $159.95 

  • Email a closeout report on each service visit.

  • For salt cell systems, quarterly cleaning is scheduled only $45. 

  • We adjust the chemical application to each unique pool, and according to the weather and season of the year.

As masters of everything pool, Clean and Clear Pool Service knows how to make your pool sparkle! After we complete our multi-point pool cleaning procedure each week, all that’s left is your sit-back-and-enjoy-your-backyard-oasis procedure!

Q: What Is THE Easiest Way to Maintain a Pool?

A: Letting Clean and Clear Pool Services’ expert pool technicians do it for you!

  • We take the work out of maintaining your pool

  • Dedicated to customer satisfaction

We want to help you enjoy your pool even more than you already do.

We often hear that maintaining a pool is more expensive and time-consuming than pool owners anticipated. In actuality, this is opposite from the truth. With correctly balanced chemicals and properly running pool equipment, the overall cost of maintenance is much lower.

Our expert pool cleaning services are designed to save you time and money.

Houston’s Go-To Source for Local Pool Cleaning Services


Clean and Clear Pools opened 12 years ago. Serving the Cypress, NW Houston, Copperfield, and Hearthstone areas. We have expanded our territory to reach the Grand Parkway.

Our trained uniformed technicians are courteous and dedicated to our customers.

We specialize in green pools, cloudy water, pool maintenance and pool repairs.

Interested in learning more about how we can help you this pool season? Call  or contact us for a free Houston pool cleaning services and maintenance quote today.