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Free labor on Polaris 

Full-Service Pool Maintenance with Premium chemicals keeps your pool ready to use all the time. Our dedicated professionals will make sure to maintain your pool to be Clean and Clear. Our uniformed technicians will take care of you.

We can repair any pump, heater, filter, chlorinator, gauges, computer boards, lights and anything else that can break or wear out on all pool equipment. Our highly trained professionals will diagnose and repair it right the first time.

Need HELP? FREE water testing. We will not over sell you! Most advanced digital water testing with recommendations especially for you!

$59.95 Pool Equipment Diagnosis 
$59.99 Tech Visit

$99.99 Heater Diagnosis
$139.99 Cartridge Filters
$159.99 DE Filters
$249.99 Sand Filters
Weekly Maintenance $219.95  


Over 15 years experience

Family owned and operated

Pool Service for Greater Houston

Clean and Clear Pool Service provides exceptional Houston pool maintenance, pool cleaning, and pool equipment repair.
We are masters at everything pool-related! Not all pool companies are the same; unfortunately, many pool companies have shockingly low standards. We urge you to be careful and highly selective when hiring a swimming pool cleaning service.

Time and again, new customers come to us with pool maintenance, pool repair problems, or concerns that another local pool company was not able to address. When your pool isn’t properly cared for, the consequences can be expensive… and dangerous. At CCP, subpar standards are NOT acceptable!  Your family’s safety is of our utmost concern. Your pool is your backyard oasis; it should never be unsafe, and caring for it shouldn’t be stressful. We are committed Houston pool service professionals who go above and beyond in an effort to make your life easy and relaxed.

8494 Hwy 6 N 77095

281-345-POOL (7665)

Are you struggling to keep your pool clean on top of your busy schedule?

Is your pool equipment not working correctly?

Is it time to repair or renovate your pool?

Are you maintaining or growing your real estate value with simple routine pool service?

Pool Service for Greater Houston

Our Houston pool cleaning services may be the best investment you can make towards ensuring the longevity of your pool. Regular pool maintenance is absolutely essential – for both cosmetic and health reasons. Sensitive equipment is jeopardized when your pool isn’t properly cared for, and this can result in costly repairs. Even something as simple as incorrectly balancing your pool’s chemicals can quickly cause equipment damage and wear on plaster and tile. At each visit, we test for between 5 to 7 chemical balances to ensure that everything is just as it should be.

Pool Equipment Repair

When it comes to pool equipment repair, it is imperative to hire someone you trust. Improper handling of repairs can lead to bigger, and more expensive, issues later. We handle professional services for private pools and community pools, and we’re preparedto help with whatever type of pool you have. When everything runs properly within your pool system, your monthly maintance expenses decrease throughout trust. Clean and Clear Pool Service to get the job done right the first time.

Automated Pool Systems

Your pool is the “entertainment center” of your backyard. It is estimated that 80% of new pools built in the Northwest Houston area are controlled by an automation system. if you have not yet done so, consider using a pool automation system to take your backyard oasis to the next level. Our customers love the added benefit and ease of operation that pool automation provides!

We specialize in Jandy, Pentair and Hayward

Exclusive Benefits of Working with Clean and Clear Pool Service

Chemicals are included in the price

  • We handle the hazardous chemicals for you.

  • Technicians are clean-cut and in company uniform.

  • Our company trucks are clearly labeled.

  • Technicians are Certified Pool Operators (CPO) licensed, which means they are experts in applying chemicals safely and correctly. Correct water chemistry greatly lengthens the life of your equipment and the pool plaster/tile.

  • CPO certified also means the technicians are alert to unsafe water conditions. In all circumstances, it's imperative to avoid dangerous bacteria in water. Understanding pool safely is key to your family's health.

  • Technicians and vehicles are properly commercially licensed and insured.

  • Technicians are trained in equipment repair. If equipment is falling or needs attention, the tech alerts the homeowner and can arrange to have it fixed.

  • Our goal is to have the same technician come the same day of the week at approximately the same time.

Houston’s Go-To Source for Local Pool Cleaning Services


Clean and Clear Pools opened 10 years ago. Serving the Cypress, NW Houston, Copperfield, and Hearthstone areas. We have expanded our territory to reach the Grandparkway.

Our trained uniformed technicians are courteous and dedicated to our customers.

We specialize in green pools, cloudy water, pool maintenance and pool repairs.

Interested in learning more about how we can help you this pool season? Call  or contact us for a free Houston pool cleaning services and maintenance quote today.